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Eight Traits of a Successful Person (in any area of life)

Maybe you’re the type of person who is asking, “Who am I? Who have I been? Who do I need to be to live my best life”? Maybe you’re not sure. Where do you start, and how do you figure that out? You begin to look around at other people and find those that are successful in their lives.

So here are 8 of the most common traits in successful people.

1. Be a Seeker. Ask questions and reflect on the answers. Getting better at asking questions will help you focus and get direction to your seeking answers.

Ask objective questions, not subjective questions.

Subjective questions are highly emotional questions that will give you distorted answers from your subconscious mind and ego. The subconscious mind has been programmed and conditioned to answer you in a negative, fearful way. The subjective question would be, “Why is this happening to me?” or “What’s wrong with me?” This is the terrible self-talk that we use to belittle and punish ourselves. This is the thinking used to perpetuate your sense of being a victim. No empowerment here!

An objective question is more effective. Say you’re pressured for time (and frustrated), “I don’t have enough time to get this done!” Ask the objective questions. “Why don’t I have enough time? Did I procrastinate and need better planning on my part? Do I have all the skills and help I need to complete this? How can I make this possible for myself? What can I do to make this work better?” There’s a whole different mindset here. 

2. Be Teachable. The only way to change your life to the better version of yourself is to be open to new ideas and experiences. You need to be open to a new perspective, a new way of seeing things, or you will end up with the same old results in life that you have now. Nothing will change in your life if you don’t change. Are you willing to be open to new ideas and possibilities, to take the risk of doing something new and different?

3. Be Honorable. This is a core value – having Integrity and Honor. Living life with this concept alone will change your life. Having Integrity means you live by keeping your word. You do what you said you would do when you said you would do it and how you said you would do it. This applies to giving your word to other people but keeping your word to yourself is just as important. If you promised yourself you would eat healthy and drink more water – do it! If you promised yourself you wouldn’t allow someone to take advantage of you in a relationship, or you wouldn’t stay in that stressful job – then don’t!

4. Take Responsibility – All successful people take full 100% responsibility for their lives. They don’t whine and complain, blame others, or play the victim. You can’t do that either – not if you expect to get the results you want in your life. You are the cause and effect of your life. Ultimately, you make your own choices how you react or don’t react, whether you act at all or not. Even a decision to do nothing is still a decision. It’s still your choice – all of it. 

If everything turns out well in a situation – be grateful for the part you played and the choices you made, give credit to anyone who helped or supported you along the way, and celebrate.

If things didn’t turn out the way you would have liked, be grateful that you are still better off than many others, appreciate the lessons learned by those people or circumstances who tripped you up or hurt you in some way, and move forward with enthusiasm for your life. Because it is YOUR life.

5. Be respectful. We were all taught to ‘treat others how you want to be treated.’ All people are spiritual beings – human beings – just like you. If you are disrespectful and judgmental of others, chances are you are disrespectful to yourself as well. You may party too much, not get the sleep you need, overeat or not eat enough of the right food, and how about the negative self-talk – “I’m stupid, not good enough, ugly, fat, or a failure.”

Give yourself the respect and self-love you need; then, you can spread that love and respect to others.

6. Be abundant. Do you come from a place of lack? ‘I don’t have enough —- love, attention, money, opportunities, happiness, etc., etc.’

Lack is an illusion of the ego – ego is AFRAID. The fear of not having enough, the fear of having it taken away, the fear you don’t deserve it. Maybe you’re afraid of failure or fear that you may succeed. This is an abundant universe, and there is enough for everyone to do everything they desire. There are more than enough pieces of the pie for everyone. 

IT IS A CHOICE! You get to choose if you live in abundance. Abundance requires your faith and trust in the Universe to have your back. You do your part and only your piece (don’t try to control everything), then step out of the way and let the Universe do its own thing. You’ll be amazed at what can happen when you stop trying to micro-manage the Universe. 

7. Keep moving forward. Above I mentioned – do your part but let the Universe to the rest in Divine timing. Always be taking inspired action, the right actions – even the baby steps! Don’t hesitate with fear. You take the necessary action to get the results you desire in your life. Necessary action for your part. That was a hard lesson for me to learn since I came from fear and wanted to control everything, but I learned and shifted my life. Have the trust and faith in the Universe to co-create with you.

8. Be your AUTHENTIC self! Be who you truly are, not the mask you wear for others. It can be scary because you must allow yourself to be vulnerable. It means being honest – honest with yourself and with others. Since most of us have been raised and conditioned by family, friends, teachers, ministers, co-workers, and society to be ‘people pleasers’, it is often difficult to set our personal limits and boundaries and express them to others.

Express yourself! Express your thoughts, feelings, opinions. Do it kindly and respectfully but make yourself known. Create art, sing, dance, tell jokes, have conversations with friends and strangers alike. Nothing communicates better than a smile! Laugh, smile, and let your light shine!

So, there you have it! I invite you to try some, if not all of these in your life, and you will see changes you never imagined.

Please do it for yourself! Love yourself, and that love will light up your life and the world around you.

Take care and many blessings!

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