Welcome to SoulFire Talks

You want to shine your unique, authentic self to the world, right? To be happy, healthy, free, and creative? We help enlighten your awareness, find your healing and empower you to claim your true self and personal freedom.

You are awakening, seeking, growing, evolving – asking questions, looking for answers in the present, in the past and in the future.

You are seeking yourself – your heart, your spirit, your soul. There’s so much you want to find out and wondering where to find the information to help you discover who you truly are and what is your rightful place in this world – in this Universe!

You want to learn, grow, heal, expand and evolve as the precious, and powerful spiritual being that you are.

You want to learn to manifest that which your heart and soul desires on a deeper level.

How do I become the best version of myself ?

Then this is the place you want to be. Our transformational educational work is dedicated to helping you develop and master areas of your life including health, wealth, and relationships. It also explores mystical, metaphysical, esoteric practices and teachings to help you raise your frequency and vibration to improve and expand your abundance and holistic wellbeing.

Here you will find a variety of information from many different perspectives, teachings, practices, and modalities to help you on your individual spiritual path.

We support being eclectic. In other words, you explore the information and courses that resonate with you as an individual. A mix and match approach, you might say. You can also choose the services and practitioners you would like to work with.

Hear what some of our fellow spiritual seekers and clients have to say.


“Devlyn is so insightful and compassionate in her guidance. She was spot on so many things during our sessions and really helped me see what areas I needed to focus on for my growth. Thank you, Devlyn!” -Summer L.

“I was new to this ‘spiritual awakening’ thing. I felt confused by all the different, conflicting information floating around. Didn’t know where to find what I was looking for. At SoulFire Talks, Devlyn offers relevant information and helped me find clarity and confidence in my own soul’s path.” – Ben D. L.

“WOW! She did my Soul Profile with a 9 page report which included past lives and she helped me get clear on what I wanted in life and ways to work toward it. AND she was fun to work with. Well done, Devlyn! I’ll be back for more.” – Brianna C.